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Not to be confused with the economical ideas proposed by The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project.

A resource-based economy or natural-resource-based economy is the economy of a country whose gross national product or gross domestic product to a large extent comes from natural resources.[1]


Suriname's exports of bauxite account for more than 15% of GDP and 70% of export earnings.[2]


Of Russian exports, more than 80% are oil, natural gas, metals and timber.[3] Since Russia has a resource based economy, it depends most of all on the fluctuations of oil and gas demand and prices.[4]


Norway's export of oil and gas forms 45% of total exports and more than 20% of the GDP.[5]


Australia developed aspects of a resource-based economy in the later twentieth century, while retaining a foundation in agricultural exports, and latterly minerals.[6][7]



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