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Resovia Rzeszow is a Polish sports (football, volleyball and basketball) club, based in Rzeszów, Poland.


Resovia was officially registered in 1910[1] in the then Austrian Poland, but the history of the club dates back to several football teams, formed by students of local high schools in 1905-1907. As a result, in different sources the date of the foundation of Resovia is presented as 1905, 1907 and 1910. During World War One, when most of Austrian Galicia was occupied by the Russian Empire, the activities of Resovia were suspended. The organization was recreated in 1919, and in June 1920, first stadium was opened on Krakowska Street.

Resovia was formed as a football club, but in the 1920s, other departments were added (tennis, track and field, cycling). In 1932, volleyball team was formed, later the departments of boxing, table tennis and basketball were added. On February 12, 1933, Resovia was merged with football team of the 17th Infantry Regiment, which was garrisoned in Rzeszow. As a result of the merger, the organization changed its name into Wojskowo-Cywilne Towarzystwo Sportowe (WCTS, Military-Civilian Sports Association) Resovia.

In the 1930s, Resovia was among top teams of the Lwow Regional League (see Lower Level Football Leagues in Interwar Poland). It 1937, it won the regional championship, qualifying to the first round of the Ekstraklasa playoffs, where it faced Unia Lublin, Strzelec Janowa Dolina and Rewera Stanislawow. Resovia finished in the second spot, behind Unia Lublin.

The cooperation with the military ended in 1938, when Resovia received support from Rzeszów branch of the H. Cegielski – Poznań factory (currently: Zelmer Household Appliances). In 1938 - 1939, Resovia’s official name was Sports Club H. Cegielski Poznań Resovia.


Resovia football team currently play in Polish Third League.

Club names[edit]

  • (1909–1933) Cywilno Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Resovia
  • (1933 ) Fusion with KS Wisłok Rzeszów to Ogniwo Rzeszów
  • (1956–1967) CWKS Resovia
  • (1967) Fusion KS Bieszczady Rzeszów
  • (2003–2004) Resovia Cenowa Bomba Resgraph
  • (2004-) CWKS Resovia Rzeszów

Famous Athletes[edit]

Among Olympic medalists from Resovia are Bronislaw Bebel, Marek Karbarz, and Wlodzimierz Stefanski. Among World champions are: Katarzyna Wisniowska, Lukasz Kustra, Stanislaw Gosciniak, Marek Karbarz, Wlodzimierz Stefanski and Krzysztof Martens.

Resovia is most famous for its men’s volleyball team, which was the Champion of Poland in 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 2012 and 2013. Its men’s basketball team was Polish champion in 1975, also its archery teams (men and women) were several time Polish Champions.

Among the achievements of Resovia’s football team are: Championship of Lwow League (1937), semifinal of the Polish Cup (1980/81), second position in the Second Division (1982/83).

Notable coaches[edit]

  • Czech Republic Miroslav Čopjak (-2010)
  • Poland Wojciech Borecki (Interim 2010)
  • Poland Artur Łuczyk (2010–present)

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Ukraine GK Igor Vitiv
2 Poland DF Mirosław Baran
3 Poland DF Michał Bogacz
4 Poland DF Michał Chrabąszcz
5 Poland DF Mateusz Góra
9 Poland FW Sebastian Fedan
6 Poland MF Bartosz Hajczuk
7 Poland MF Tomasz Kaczor
8 Poland MF Szymon Kaliniec
9 Poland FW Sebastian Hajduk
10 Poland MF Mateusz Kantor
11 Poland FW Dariusz Kantor
12 Poland GK Marcin Pietryka
No. Position Player
13 Poland MF Wiesław Kozubek
14 Poland MF Dawid Kwiek
15 Poland DF Piotr Szkolnik
16 Ukraine MF Andriy Nikanovich
17 Poland FW Krzysztof Pietluch
18 Poland MF Michał Ogrodnik
19 Poland MF Piotr Smolec
20 Slovakia DF Peter Záhradník
21 Poland FW Marcin Pontus
22 Poland MF Kamil Walaszczyk
Bulgaria FW Georgi Bizhev
Bulgaria FW Tihomir Cheneshkov


Head coach:
  • Poland Artur Łuczyk
Assistant coach:
  • Poland Mariusz Stawarz
Goalkeeper coach:
  • Poland Wojciech Borecki

Notable players[edit]


For the volleyball team which plays in the Polish Volleyball League (PlusLiga) see Asseco Resovia Rzeszów.[2]


The team KKS Resovia Rzeszów is current member of the Poland 3. Liga.[3]

Notable basketballer[edit]


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