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Respendial or Respindal was king of a group of Alans in western Europe in the early 5th century CE.

Respendial was king of one of two groups of Alans which crossed the Rhine into the Roman Empire in 407 CE. The other group was led by Goar, who joined the Romans; Respendial allied himself instead to the Vandals, whom he aided in a battle against the Franks after the Vandal king Godigisel was slain.[1] Along with the Siling and Asding Vandals and a group of Sueves, Respendial's Alans crossed Gaul and settled in Hispania in 409.[2]

Respendial's fate is unknown; by 418, he had been succeeded by Attaces, who was killed when the Visigoths invaded Hispania. This group of Alans thereafter united with the Asding Vandals, with whom they crossed into Africa and established an independent kingdom.


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