Respiratory tract neoplasm

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Respiratory tract neoplasm
Classification and external resources
Specialty oncology
ICD-10 C32-C34
MeSH D012142

A respiratory tract neoplasm is a tumor that affects a portion of the respiratory tract. Most occur in the thorax.

Examples of the disease include laryngeal cancer and lung cancer.

Pre-release Patient Education[edit]

Patients with irreversible airway compromise and bulbar paralysis due to various chronic, systemic and autoimmune diseases often have to continue with a lifelong tracheostomy. These patients require a cautious and meticulous home care of the tracheostomy tube and the stoma. Many centers and hospitals have their integrated pre-discharge patient education program and checklist. This is particularly mandatory and warrants due attention in regard of sending a patient home with a tracheostomy. A brief span hands-on training and comprehensive educational materials are to be ensured sincerely. It is vital to have/organize the support of relatives or a companion. At least one individual ought to learn how to help the patient in case of emergency. That person should join the patient when he/she gets guidelines in the hospital. Medical information and communication technology and digital modules should also be made easily accessible and user-friendly to the mass people.[1]


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