Respublika (political party)

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LeaderMirlan Jeençoroev
FounderÖmürbek Babanov
HeadquartersBishkek, Kyrgyzstan
IdeologyClassical liberalism
Political positionCentre to centre-right
National affiliationRespublika–Ata Zhurt (2014–2019)[1]
Seats in the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan
28 / 120
(with Ata-Zhurt)

Respublika (Kyrgyz: Республика, lit. 'Republic') is a political party in Kyrgyzstan. The party was formed in June 2010. Founded by Ömürbek Babanov, he served as its chairman until 2014, and during this time the party had a pro-Russia orientation. In 2014 the party merged with Ata-Zhurt to create Respublika–Ata Zhurt.[2] However, the two parties ended up splitting back in 2020.[3]

The party campaigned for the 2010 parliamentary elections on a platform stressing the ethnic diversity of Kyrgyzstan,[4] and is in favor of a parliamentary system of government, as well as reducing the number of MPs from 120 to 75.


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