Reston Scar

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Reston Scar
Reston Scar above Staveley from across the valley.JPG
Reston Scar rises above the houses in Staveley
Highest point
Elevation 255 m (837 ft)
Listing Outlying Wainwright
Coordinates 54°22′54″N 2°49′56″W / 54.3818°N 2.8322°W / 54.3818; -2.8322Coordinates: 54°22′54″N 2°49′56″W / 54.3818°N 2.8322°W / 54.3818; -2.8322
Reston Scar is located in Lake District
Reston Scar
Reston Scar
Parent range Lake District

Reston Scar is a fell in the Lake District of Cumbria, England. It overlooks the north side of Staveley village, and is listed among Alfred Wainwright's "Outlying Fells of Lakeland" guide.[1] The summit offers good views of the Coniston Fells, the Sca Fells and the Langdale Pikes.[2]

Cairn on Reston Scar

The main footpath up to the summit from Staveley passes to the south of Kemp Tarn, the largest of several ponds on the Scar. The summit is at 834 feet (254 m) and has a cairn. In his book The Outlying Fells of Lakeland, Wainwright describes the ascent of Reston Scar from Staveley and calls the fell "a fine place for a siesta on a sunny day".[3]


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