Singaporean general election, 1948

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Singaporean general election, 1948
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20 March 1948 1951 →

6 (of the 22) seats to the Legislative Council
Turnout 63.1%
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Tan Chye Cheng
Party Independent PP
Leader since 1945
Leader's seat Municipal South-West
Seats won 3 3
Popular vote 11,997 11,754
Percentage 50.5% 49.5%

1948 Singapore General Elections Result Map.svg
Results by constituency
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General elections were held for the first time in Singapore on 20 March 1948,[1] when six of the 22 seats on the Legislative Council became directly-elected. Voting was not compulsory and was restricted to British subjects, who constituted around 2% of the 940,000 population. Although various organisations called for a boycott of the elections, voter turnout was 63.1%.

The Progressive Party (PP) was the only contesting party, winning three of the six elected seats.


The election was announced on 1 February, and nominations were due by 15 February. The campaign period lasted for 31 days.

Electoral system[edit]

Of the 22 seats in the Legislative Council, six were elected, three nominated by commercial organisations (the Singapore Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Indian Chamber of Commerce), and thirteen appointed by the British authorities; these included the Governor, Colonial Secretary, Financial Secretary, Attorney-General, Solicitor-General, two Directors, two ex officio Commissioners and four non-officio ones.

The six elected seats were elected from four constituencies; two two-seat constituencies and two single-member constituencies. Parties had no fixed standard symbol and candidates had to ballot for one offered by the elections office.


Party Votes % Seats
Progressive Party 11,754 49.5 3
Independents 11,997 50.5 3
Invalid/blank votes 1,321
Total 25,072 100 6
Votes cast 14,126 100
Registered voters/turnout 22,334 63.2
Source: Singapore Elections

By constituency[edit]

Constituency Candidate Party Votes % Notes
Municipal North-East
(8,668 registered)
Mohamed Javad Namazie Independent 2,672 24.4 Elected
John Laycock Progressive Party 2,221 20.3 Elected
M K Chidambaram Independent 1,622 14.8
Charles Joseph Pemberton Paglar Independent 1,420 13
Richard Lim Chuan Hoe Independent 1,161 10.6
Valiya Purayil Abdullah Independent 944 8.6
Lim Chuan Geok Progressive Party 892 8.2
Invalid/blank votes 660
Municipal South-West
(8,800 registered)
Tan Chye Cheng Progressive Party 4,125 42.3 Elected
Nazir Ahmad Mallal Progressive Party 4,056 41.6 Elected
Mirza Abdul Majid Independent 1,572 16.1
Invalid/blank votes 547
Rural East
(2,092 registered)
Sardon Jubir Independent 607 54.9 Elected
Cheong Hock Chye Independent 498 45.1
Invalid/blank votes 39
Rural West
(2,774 registered)
Srish Chandra Goho Independent 981 50 Elected
Malathi Pillai Independent 520 26.5
Arumugan Ponnu Rajah Progressive Party 460 23.5
Invalid/blank votes 75
Source: Singapore Elections

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