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The Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC) is a network of eleven regional clinical centers and a data coordinating center. The consortium conducts experimental and observational studies of out-of-hospital treatments of cardiac arrest and trauma. Ten communities in the United States and Canada doing uniform quality improvement, clinical trials, and tracking of cardiac arrest and major trauma. The network is coordinated by the University of Washington Clinical Trial Center. ROC is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health, United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Defence Research and Development Canada, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and American Heart Association.

Research Sites[edit]

Site Regional Clinical Center Service Area Population Residents per Square Mile No. of EMS Agencies No. of Hospitals
Alabama, United States (Central and Northern) Alabama Resuscitation Center 644,701 485 13 14
Dallas, Texas, United States (includes some surrounding cities) Dallas Center for Resuscitation Research 1,989,357 3,173 11 22
Iowa, United States (participated in the network from September 2004 to February 2008) University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine-Iowa Resuscitation Network 1,015,347 388 19 19
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States The Milwaukee Resuscitation Research Center 940,164 3,885 16 16
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (includes 20 other cities in the OPALS group) Ottawa/OPALS/British Columbia RCC 4,030,696 314 39 37
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (includes some suburbs) Pittsburgh Resuscitation Network 935,967 396 6 38
Portland, Oregon, United States (includes 4 counties in Oregon and Washington) Oregon Health & Sciences University - Portland Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium 1,751,119 431 15 16
San Diego, California, United States (includes the entire county) UCSD/San Diego Resuscitation Research Center
Seattle/King County, Washington, United States Seattle-King County Center for Resuscitation Research at the University of Washington 1,666,978 1,573 35 18
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (includes surrounding areas) Toronto Regional Resuscitation Research Out of Hospital Network 5,627,021 911 32 55
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Ottawa/OPALS/British Columbia RCC 2,779,373 1,604 39 33


Epistry Database[edit]

Number of cases of EMS-assessed and EMS-treated cardiac arrest and cardiac arrests with initial recorded rhythm being shockable.
Survival rates for the period May 1, 2006 to April 30, 2007

Hypertonic Saline[edit]


(Prehospital Resuscitation using an IMpedance valve and Early vs Delayed analysis) Seattle/King County did not participate in the early vs. delayed analysis portion of the trial.[1]

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