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Retail Slut was a clothing store in Los Angeles, California, United States that specialized in punk, goth, and underground fashions. Founded in 1983 by Helen O'Neill, the store heavily supported the underground scenes such as the S&M, Drag and Rave communities and participated in "Hands Around the World." Retail Slut was located on Melrose Avenue and changed locations along the avenue four times throughout its history. It closed on March 31, 2005.

Retail Slut was featured in the film The Lollipop Generation by G.B. Jones, with owner Helen O'Neill appearing on-screen as herself. TV appearances include MTV and Playboy TV. Hardrock guitarist Slash stole his first signature top hat at Retail Slut during Guns & Roses' take-off year.[1][2][3] Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Axl Rose and Nina Hagen were regular patrons.[4] Magnus Walker (Serious Clothing) accidentally got his start when employee Taime Downe from Faster PussyCat wanted to buy the pants off him.[5][6] Vintage Los Angeles gives a great run down of this and other Melrose stores. Andy Warhol was impressed by the infamous Dead Barbie Doll art piece that hung above the first location's dressing room. He snapped a photo which appears in his America book, page 22.[7] Alison Martino gives an excellent run down on Retail SLUT and Melrose on her Vintage LA BLog.[8]


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