Reti Radiotelevisive Digitali

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RRD Reti Radiotelevisive Digitali S.p.A.
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2004
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Products Broadcast equipment, Consulting, System Integration

Reti Radiotelevisive Digitali (also known as RRD) is an Italian broadcasting, consulting and system integration company, and is the first company to implement and launch a commercial service on the DVB-H Handheld TV for 3G Mobile Operator 3 Italy.[1] The group was established in 2004 by Teletext Italia and started working on DVB-H standard in 2005, at that time not yet fully standardized.

The 3 Italy DVB-H service was launched commercially on May 2006.[2] Reti Radiotelevisive Digitali was in charge for site acquisition, analog site conversion, head-end development and operation for 3G Mobile Operator 3 Italy.[clarification needed] On Q4 2006 RRD develop and deploy Hiwire Head-End in SES Americom premises for Las Vegas Hiwire Trial.[3][4][clarification needed]