Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income

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Commission for Financial Capability
Agency overview
Formed 1995
Jurisdiction New Zealand Government
Headquarters Level 12, 142 Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand
Annual budget $5.86 million
Agency executive
  • Diane Maxwell, Retirement Commissioner

The Commission for Financial Capability (formerly the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income and the Retirement Commission), is a Crown Entity under the New Zealand Crown Entities Act 2004.[1] The Commission works to improve the financial capability of all New Zealanders throughout their lives through education, information and promotion.

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The Commission for Financial Capability operates under the NZ Superannuation and Retirement Income Act,[2] which provides the statutory framework for its operations. It also has certain functions under the Retirement Villages Act 2003.[2] The Commission is funded by central government and has an annual budget of around $NZ5.9m.[3]

The Commission's activities include:

  • Review of Retirement Income Policy[4] - completed every three years to assess effectiveness, identify future issues, provide policy stability and inform policy development
  • Sorted - providing free independent and impartial information and tools, to help New Zealanders manage their everyday money matters
  • Money Week[5] - New Zealand's annual, nationwide financial literacy week is held in September and aims to get New Zealanders thinking about and taking action with their money matters
  • Financial Knowledge and Behaviour Survey[6] - a four yearly survey of adult New Zealanders
  • Financial Behaviour Index[6] - a six monthly snapshot of New Zealanders’ financial behaviour.

Retirement Commissioner[edit]

The Commission for Financial Capability is the office of the Retirement Commissioner. Diane Maxwell[7] is the Retirement Commissioner. She was appointed by the Minister of Commerce for a three-year term from 1 July 2013. Diane was Head of Stakeholder Management for the Financial Markets Authority,[8] and before that, the Head of Brand and Corporate Affairs at the BNZ.

Previous Retirement Commissioners are:·

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