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The House Retirement Committee is a 17 member legislative body consisting of a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, and 14 members. The Committee operates under a House mandate to evaluate legislation affecting the Teacher's and State Employee's Retirement System.[1]

Scope and jurisdiction[edit]

The House Retirement Committee is responsible for overseeing both the Teacher's Retirement System (TRS) and the State Employee's Retirement System (ERS). "TRS administers the trust from which teachers in the state’s public schools, many employees of the University System of Georgia, and certain other designated employees in educational-related work environments receive retirement benefits. ERS administers separate and distinct cost-sharing, multiple employer defined benefit pension plans for various employer agencies of the State of Georgia", The committee also defines any contribution plans, and life insurance plans made available as part of the retirement benefits package. "The Employee's Retirement System also serves as the State Social Security Administrator for all political subdivisions of the state."[1]


As of 2014,[1] the members of the House Retirement Committee are:

  • Paul Battles, chairman
  • Christian Coomer, vice chairman
  • Tom Weldon, secretary
  • Patty Bentley, member
  • Tommy Benton, member
  • James Beverly, member
  • Tyrone Brooks, member
  • Debbie Buckner, member
  • Brooks Coleman, member
  • J. Craig Gordon, member
  • Gerald E. Greene, member
  • Lee Hawkins, member
  • Howard Maxwell, member
  • John Meadows, member
  • Lynne Riley, member
  • David Wilkerson, member
  • Earnest Williams, member

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