Return at Dawn

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Return at Dawn
1938 Retour a l aube.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Henri Decoin
Written by Henri Decoin
Vicki Baum
Pierre Wolff
Starring Danielle Darrieux
Music by Paul Misraki
Cinematography Léonce-Henri Burel
Edited by Marguerite Beaugé
Union des Distributeurs Indépendants
Release date
18 November 1938
Running time
90 min
Country France
Language French

Return at Dawn (French:Retour à l'aube) is a 1938 French drama film starring Danielle Darrieux, and was directed by Henri Decoin, who co-wrote screenplay with Vicki Baum and Pierre Wolff. The music score is by Paul Misraki. The sets were designed by the art director Serge Piménoff. It was filmed in Budapest, Hungary.


It tells the story of a stationmaster's wife, who must go to Budapest to get an inheritance, but is late for a train and experiences much adventure during one night.


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