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Retro-Trader Retro Games Toys Computers And Other Collectables is a British based collector and retailer of retro video games. The website contains a large selection of photos, information and links to other related sites about retrogaming and other retro subjects, including the history of many computers and consoles, as well as online retro games to play and an active forum for people to trade and talk about retro related items.

The site was initially created in 2002 by the owner Paul Andrews to increase his own retro computer and video games collection. Since then it has expanded, and according to the Alexa Internet Traffic Ranking system it has become currently the world's most popular online retro Classic Game store. Alexa The site has assisted various book authors and been requested numerous times by the BBC and other TV channels to appear with some of the massive collection of retro items such as Sinclair C5's and Zikes. The collection has many items which exist nowhere else in the world, such as the only known surviving Sinclair C5 concept artwork, and also many pieces of original retro gaming cover art, from the likes of artists such as Roger Garland, better known for his artwork for the J. R. R. Tolkien book The Lord of the Rings.

In the recent past Retro-Trader has become the springboard for a whole new company Alten8 which has now licensed over 500 classic retro games, for release on various modern current formats. These games included classics such as the first commercial video games to be released by developer Scott Adams. Alten8 has now released Nintendo GBA and many PC games, and has Nintendo DS and Wii titles in progress, as well as a huge range of retro-based mobile phone games.

Retro-Trader has also been heavily involved in the retro scene for the past few years and have sponsored one of the biggest shows in the UK, CGEUK, as well as sponsoring the car lovers' website Escort Power.

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