Retro Force

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Retro Force
Retro Force
Cover art featuring from right to left: Hawtin Raydar, Pi, Paris Tetsuo and Sinclair
Developer(s) Psygnosis LeedsStudio
Publisher(s) Psygnosis
Designer(s) Wayne Imlach
Composer(s) Gary McKill
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • EU: March 17, 1999
Genre(s) Shoot-'em up game
Mode(s) Single-player

Retro Force is a Shoot-'em up game that is published and developed by Psygnosis Ltd. It is set to be based in the future where 4 brave pilots must travel back in time in order to bring back the lost pieces of the holy artifact, Retro Force was released on March 1999 which is only released in Europe, The soundtrack to the game was composed By Gary Mckill.


In Retro Force, you get to play as one of the four members of Retro Force, you can get to choose either Paris, Hawtin, Pi, or Sinclair whatever suits your skill, but they each have their own aerial attributes, with your chosen character, you then have to shoot down your enemies from the sky and from the ground, you'll get to earn points by shooting down the enemies. And also, you get to collect Bonus crystals, the more bonus crystals you collect, the bigger the score, and of course keep an eye on the super crystals, they hide in hard to reach places and in secret hiding places.


The story is taken place on 29 November 2999 where the invasion starts and the Millennium celebration began to a halt, a giant UFO came towards the temple called the Commune of Worship which is home to the Holy Artifact, as the sirens blare at Combat Air Defense Academy(CADA), Retro Force battle out the UFO to stop them from taking the Holy Artifact, but they were too late as the final piece of the Holy Artifact combined with the rest, powers were unleashed leaving Retro force and the UFO disappear back through time.


Review scores
Publication Score
OPM (UK) 5/10
MAN!AC 54% and 2 Stars
NowGamer 4.3/10
PlayStation Zone (Germany) 77%

Retro Force received mixed to negative reviews. Official UK PlayStation Magazine gave the game an 5 out of 10, while Das Offizielle PlayStation Magazin gave it an 3,3 out of 1. The only review that was decent enough, was from the German PlayStation Magazine called PlayStation Zone (later PlayZone), which the mag scored a 77% and also included a playable demo of the game on its cover disc of the fourth issue, in where the game was reviewed.

In one particular review from a German games magazine called MAN!AC, the review, which scored the game 2 stars, described the "brave pilots" on the cover above as "clowns".[1]


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