Return Fire 2

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Return Fire 2
Cover art
Developer(s) Silent Software, Inc.[1]
Publisher(s) Ripcord Games[1]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows[1]
Genre(s) Strategy[1]
Mode(s) One player, online multiplayer

Return Fire 2 is a computer game developed by Silent Software and published for the PC by Ripcord Games in 1998. It was initially announced for the aborted Panasonic M2 console.[2] It is a sequel to Return Fire.

The game simulates a vehicle-based capture the flag competition.

Upon starting the game players are directed to their in game bunker. There, they can view the battleground with a radar and access a limited supply of vehicles: tanks, armored support vehicles (ASVs), helicopters, jets, jeeps and PT boats. The vehicles have a limited supply of fuel and ammo, and the player can only control one vehicle at a time.

The objective is to enter the enemy's base, capture their flag and bring it back to the player's base. The flag is always located in a 'flag tower', which must be destroyed before the flag can be picked up. There may be more than one enemy flag tower, but only one of them contains the flag. Although the flag may be discovered using any vehicle it can only be carried by the jeep, which is the weakest vehicle in the game. Thus, the player must destroy the enemy flag's defenses using stronger vehicles before attempting to take it.

The game retains the classical soundtrack of its predecessor, with each vehicle having its own 'theme' which is heard when the player is using that vehicle.[3]


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