Return of the Living Dead (album)

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Return of the Living Dead
Studio album by E.S.G.
Released April 6, 1998
Genre Southern rap
Label Blackhearted Records
Producer J.P. Nitty
Cedric Hill
Sean 'Solo' Jemison
E.S.G. chronology
Sailin' Da South
(1995)Sailin' Da South1995
Return of the Living Dead
Shinin' N' Grindin'
(1999)Shinin' N' Grindin'1999

Return Of The Living Dead is the third album by southern rapper E.S.G.. It has sold about 6000 units.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Return Of The Living Dead" (featuring Dark Vador)
  3. "Drop It Off"
  4. "Snitch" (featuring C-Note & Big Hawk)
  5. "Caught Up"
  6. "Jail Cell Tales" (featuring Devious & Big T)
  7. "Can't Forget" (featuring Felicia Lindsey)
  8. "South Coast Clock"
  9. "Gotta Do What I Gotta Do"
  10. "Dope Game 2000"
  11. "Don't Touch My Car"
  12. "Lady Indo" (featuring Kalo, Peppalotti & Papa Reu)
  13. "G'z & Jackaz" (featuring Crime Boss & Devious)
  14. "Felony" (featuring Devious & Kalo)
  15. "Turn Me Loose" (featuring Phaz)
  16. "I Luv Niggaz" (featuring Lil' Swift & Immanuel)
  17. "Throw Ya Side Up" (featuring Lil' Will)
  18. "I Know I Should Change" (featuring Devious, Kalo & Ms. Liz)