Return of the Ape Man

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Return of the Ape Man
Directed byPhilip Rosen
Produced bySam Katzman
Jack Dietz
Screenplay byno credit
StarringBela Lugosi
Music byEdward Kay
(musical director)
CinematographyMarcel LePicard
Edited byCarl Pierson
Banner Productions
Distributed byMonogram Pictures Corp.
Release date
  • June 24, 1944 (1944-06-24)
Running time
61 minutes
CountryUnited States

Return of the Ape Man is a 1944 American film distributed by Monogram Pictures.[1][2] It was directed by Philip Rosen with top-billed star Bela Lugosi[3] and supporting actors John Carradine, George Zucco, Frank Moran, Judith Gibson and Michael Ames.[4]


  • George Zucco is co-credited on screen and in the publicity, along with Moran, as having played the Ape Man, but his presence in any scene of the finished film is doubtful. One still photo of him, in monster makeup in Bela Lugosi's lab, has been identified. The producers explained he became ill during the filming. Other speculations are that he was deemed too old to carry out the role, or that he simply refused to play the part.


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