Return of the Magician

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Lupin III: Return of the Magician
Pycal 08.jpg
A screenshot of Lupin from the OVA.
ルパン三世 生きていた魔術師
(Lupin III: ~ The Living Magician ~ Return of Pycal)
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy
Original video animation
Directed by Mamoru Hamatsu
Music by Yuuji Oono
Studio TMS Entertainment
Released April 3, 2002
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Lupin III: Return of the Magician, known in Japan as Lupin III: ~ The Living Magician ~ Return of Pycal (ルパン三世 生きていた魔術師), is the second OVA of the Lupin III franchise, released on April 3, 2002. Return of the Magician features the return of an old villain, Pycal, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the anime.


When Lupin attempts to steal a gem, he is interrupted by Pycal, a magician who was considered to have died after facing off with Lupin in the past (chapter 7: "Magician" of the original manga and episode 02: "The Man They Called a Magician" of the first anime series). Pycal, once a trickster, now seems armed with real magical abilities, and seems determined to get his revenge on Lupin.

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