Return to Snowy River

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Return to Snowy River
Soundtrack album by Bruce Rowland
Released October 31, 1988
Recorded 1988
Genre Soundtrack
Label Varese Sarabande
Producer Bruce Rowland

Return to Snowy River is the original motion picture soundtrack from the 1988 film The Man from Snowy River II. The soundtrack album is named after the American title for the film.

Bruce Rowland composed the music for the film, and also conducted the orchestra during the recording of the album. He also wrote the music for the score of the 1982 film The Man from Snowy River.


  1. "Long Way from Home"
  2. "Man from Snowy River II"
  3. "By the Fireside"
  4. "Eureka Creek"
  5. "Back to the Mountains"
  6. "Skill at Arms"
  7. "Jessica's Sonata #2"
  8. "Pageant at Harrison's"
  9. "Gathered to the Fray"
  10. "Alone in the Mountains"
  11. "Farewell to an Old Friend" — (Now Do We Fight Them)
  12. "You Should be Free"
  13. "Closing Credits"



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