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A wind farm in the Desmerciereskoog polder
A wind farm in the Desmerciereskoog polder
Coat of arms of Reußenköge Reussenkog
Coat of arms
Reußenköge Reussenkog is located in Germany
Reußenköge Reussenkog
Location of Reußenköge
Reussenkog within Nordfriesland district
Reussenkoege in NF.PNG
Coordinates: 54°36′33″N 8°54′16″E / 54.60917°N 8.90444°E / 54.60917; 8.90444Coordinates: 54°36′33″N 8°54′16″E / 54.60917°N 8.90444°E / 54.60917; 8.90444
Country Germany
State Schleswig-Holstein
District Nordfriesland
 • Mayor Dirk Albrecht (WGR)
 • Total 45.91 km2 (17.73 sq mi)
Elevation 1 m (3 ft)
Population (2016-12-31)[1]
 • Total 323
 • Density 7.0/km2 (18/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 25821
Dialling codes 04671, 04674, 04842
Vehicle registration NF

Reußenköge (Danish: Reussenkog) is a sparsely populated municipality in the district of Nordfriesland, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated directly adjacent the shoreline of the North Sea coast, in a driving distance of in between 15 up to 29 km northwest of the county-capital city of Husum.

The municipality includes a number of six populated polders (German: Koog, plural: Köge), two of which were financed by Count Heinrich XLIII of Reuß-Schleiz-Köstritz and his wife Louise and thus bear the names Louisen-Reußen-Koog (const. 1799) and Reußenkoog (1789). Additional polders are:

  • Sophien-Magdalenen-Koog (const. 1742)
  • Desmerciereskoog (1767)
  • Cecilienkoog (1905)
  • Sönke-Nissen-Koog (1926)
  • Beltringharder Koog (only unsettled northern part) (1987)

The name of the municipality was created by combining both the first names, meaning literally in English: polders of the Reußes. A further non-residential location within the municipality is the Hamburger Hallig. In former times being a settled part of the island of Alt-Nordstrand, it was split up from the rest by the Burchardi Flood in the year 1634.


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