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Reuben is a Biblical male first name:

The Portuguese version takes the form Rúben, in Spanish Rubén, in Catalan Rubèn and in Dutch and Armenian Ruben.

As a given name[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]

People with the family name[edit]

  • David and Simon Reuben, billionaire entrepreneurs in the UK
  • John Reuben (born John Reuben Zappin in 1979), American Christian hip-hop artist
  • Julie Reuben (born 1960), historian interested in the role of education in American society and culture
  • Karl Ruben, Danish chess master
  • Sam Ruben (1913–1943), American biochemist known for his work on carbon fixation in photosynthesis and discovery of carbon-14, born Charles Rubenstein
  • Samuel Ruben (1900–1988), American inventor and founder of Duracell
  • Scott Reuben (born 1958), disgraced American anesthesiologist and professor
  • Stewart Reuben (born 1939), British chess player, chess arbiter, and poker author


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