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Reuben Margolin's "Nebula", Photo by Michael Prados

Reuben Heyday Margolin is an American-born artist and sculptor known for his mechanically driven kinetic sculptures of wave-forms.[1] Some of the sculptures are hand-cranked and small scale, while others are large, installed in large high-ceiling spaces, suspended from the ceiling.[2] His art also includes drawings, portraiture, traditional sculpture, and rickshaws.[3]


He was educated at Berkeley High School, then at Harvard University, where he earned a BA in English. He later studied drawing in Florence, Italy and Monumental painting at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Russia.


In Autumn of 2010, Margolin installed "Nebula", a kinetic art work with 4,500 amber crystals, in the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.[4] The piece has been described as "perhaps the most ambitious kinetic sculpture ever commissioned." [5]


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