Reuben Leon Kahn

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Reuben Leon Kahn
Born (1887-07-26)July 26, 1887
Kovno, Lithuania
Died July 22, 1979(1979-07-22) (aged 91)
Citizenship United States
Nationality Lithuania
Fields immunology, especially serology
Alma mater New York University doctor of science in bacteriology (1916), Yale University masters degree in physiological chemistry (1913), Valparaiso University bachelors degree in medicine (1909) and honorary doctorate (1944)[1]
Known for test for syphilis
Notable awards Newcomb Cleveland Prize (1933)

Reuben Leon Kahn (July 26, 1887 in Kovno, Lithuania – July 22, 1979 in Miami) was an American immunologist.

He is best known for his investigations of blood reactions, like the Kahn test, an efficient test for syphilis.


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