Reunification of Gran Colombia

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Reunification of Gran Colombia
Nueva Gran Colombia.svg
Spanish Name
La Reunificación de la Gran Colombia

Reunification of Gran Colombia refers to the potential future reunification of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama under a single government. There have been attempts of reunification since 1903, when Panama separated from Colombia. People in favor for a reunification are called "unionistas" or unionists. In 2008, The Bolivarian News Agency reported that the then-president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, announced the proposal of the political restoration of the Gran Colombia, under the Bolivarian revolution.[1]


Some commentators believe that a reunified Gran Colombia could become a global economic powerhouse. That would contrast with Gran Colombia in the 1820s, whose economy was mostly agrarian and had little industry.[2]

Gran Colombia would have the world's 14th largest economy behind South Korea and the 12th largest population behind Mexico. By 2050, Gran Colombia would have nearly 150 million citizens. Gran Colombia would also be the world's 10th largest nation by size.

Flag Arms Name Area
Population in 2015 [3]
Population in 2065 [4]
GDP PPP Estimate[5] Capital GDP (PPP) per capita[6][7]
Colombia Coat of arms of Colombia.svg Colombia 1,141,748 49,561,105 80,233,000 $714.003 Billion Bogotá $14,552
Ecuador Coat of arms of Ecuador.svg Ecuador 283,560 15,476,000 26,625,000 $193.138 Billion Quito $11,617
Panama Coat of arms of Panama.svg Panama 75,517 3,661,868 7,545,000 $100.194 Billion Panama $24,446
Venezuela Original Coat of arms of Venezuela.png Venezuela 916,445 30,620,404 55,878,000 $409.389 billion Caracas $12,388[8]
Total 2,417,270 101,920,838 170,281,000 $1.416724 Trillion $1.416724 Trillion $13,792**

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