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Angel episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 10
Directed byJames A. Contner
Written byTim Minear
Shawn Ryan
Production code2ADH10
Original air dateDecember 19, 2000
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Trial"
Next →
Angel (season 2)
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"Reunion" is episode 10 of season 2 in the television show Angel.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Angel tells his associates that Drusilla has returned and, working with Wolfram and Hart, has made Darla a vampire again. Wesley and Cordelia investigate the law firm's plans for Drusilla and Darla as Angel prepares to stake the two vampires. Angel tracks down Lindsay, who has been sheltering Drusilla and Darla. He attempts to stake the unconscious Darla, but Drusilla attacks him. Darla revives as Angel and Drusilla struggle; she escapes and Drusilla disappears.

At Wolfram and Hart, Holland and Lindsey are discussing the evening's planned party when Drusilla arrives to update them on recent events. Darla appears and drags Drusilla off. As Angel races to the W&H offices, Cordelia has a vision which sends them elsewhere. The angry Darla and Drusilla quarrel; Drusilla reveals why Darla was resurrected, and Darla, after bloodsucking and killing a fresh victim, has her old personality restored. Darla and Drusilla go shopping.

Angel brusquely completes the mission from Cordelia's vision, then heads back toward Wolfram & Hart. Holland unleashes Darla and Drusilla on Los Angeles; they begin by raiding a clothing store for new wardrobes, killing two salespeople. Angel forces his way into Wolfram and Hart, demanding information. Lindsey refuses; Angel is arrested and taken into custody by Kate. She releases him, hoping he can stop Darla and Drusilla's killing spree.

Holland hosts a wine tasting party for his colleagues in his home's wine cellar. As he makes a speech, Darla and Drusilla appear, intent on slaughter. Holland attempts to convince the two that he and his associates are their allies, to little effect. Angel finds a survivor at the clothing store and learns where Darla and Drusilla have gone. When he arrives at Holland's home, however, he refuses to stop Darla and Drusilla, instead locking the wine cellar to prevent the lawyers from escaping the vampires.

When Angel tells his associates what he has done, they object, fearing that Angel is descending into corruption and "darkness." He fires them and leaves.


Arc significance[edit]

  • Angel snaps and goes to extreme measures, letting Darla and Drusilla kill Holland Manners and many other employees of Wolfram & Hart (and, possibly, their spouses/dates for the occasion)
  • Angel fires Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia, furthering his descent into darkness and despair.


  • Drusilla sings "Run and Catch" while standing over Darla's body, a song she says her mother used to sing to her in the Buffy episode "Lie to Me".


  • Before Darla rises into a vampire, Angel removes a veil covering her face. During the fight with Drusilla the veil is back in place.
  • While the veil is lifted, the veins in Darla's neck are visibly pulsing, despite the fact she is supposed to be dead.
  • When Cordelia has a vision causing Angel to perform a U-turn, skid marks are visible on the road from previous takes.
  • During the same U-turn sequence as the car swerves, all other characters can be seen as their stunt doubles excluding Cordelia who appears as a mannequin.


The Futon Critic named it the 20th best episode of 2000, saying the episode had several jaw-dropping moments and that he "never wanted to see the next episode of a series more than this one."[1]


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