Reunited (Gloria Jones album)

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Studio album by Gloria Jones
Released 1982
Genre Soul
Length 30:40
Label AVI Records
Producer Ray Harris and Ed Cobb
Gloria Jones chronology

Reunited is the fifth studio album released by Gloria Jones in 1982.

Here is the description written on the back of the album:

"Back in 1964, Gloria Jones still in her mid-teens, was discovered by hit songwriter Ed Cobb. Signing with Cobb's Greengrass Productions, Gloria recorded her first hit record, "Heartbeat Pts 1 & 2," which Cobb wrote and produced. "Heartbeat" became a classic rhythm and blues tune which later was recorded by Dusty Springfield, Spencer Davis and many other artists who attempted to capture that phenomenal Gloria Jones sound.

By then, Gloria had gone on to record other memorable songs for Uptown records, a subsidiary of Capitol|EMI. Included among these tunes was another Cobb written song, "Tainted Love" (included on this album). In fact the group, SOFT CELL, whose version of "Tainted Love" reached #1 worldwide, originally heard Gloria sing this classic years before in Northern England. So strong was Gloria's following there that she was proclaimed the "Northern Queen of Soul."

Marc Bolan of T-Rex was so impressed by Gloria's talents that they joined forces. As early as 1974, their innovative fusion of new wave and soul generated a sound which is still a current musical trend. Gloria and all of T-Rex's fans lost Marc when he was killed in an auto accident in 1977. In his honor, Gloria wishes to dedicate the cut, "Sixty Minutes of Making Love" to Marc and all his fans worldwide."

This album has yet to be given an official CD release.

Track listing[edit]

Side One:

  1. "Body Heat" (Ed Cobb) 4:41
  2. "Tell Me Some More Of Your Lies" (Ed Cobb, Gloria Jones) 3:30
  3. "I'm Going To Run Away With Him Tonight" (Ed Cobb) 3:47
  4. "Tainted Love" (Ed Cobb) 2:11

Side Two:

  1. "The Touch Of Venus" (Ed Cobb) 4:35
  2. "Sixty Minutes Of Making Love" (Ed Cobb) 4:25
  3. "1980 Baby" (Ed Cobb, Gloria Jones, Ron Baron) 4:50
  4. "My Bad Boy's Coming Home" (Ed Cobb) 2:41

Technical Details[edit]

  • Producer: Ed Cobb
  • Executive Producer: Ray Harris & Ed Cobb
  • Arranger/Conductor: Cobb, Lewis, Page
  • Mixed: Russ Castillo
  • Engineer: Russ Castillo