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Reuss River
Kapellbrucke in Lucerne.jpg
The Reuss at Lucerne
Origin Uri, Switzerland
Mouth Aare at Gebenstorf
47°29′27″N 8°14′16″E / 47.4909°N 8.2377°E / 47.4909; 8.2377Coordinates: 47°29′27″N 8°14′16″E / 47.4909°N 8.2377°E / 47.4909; 8.2377
Basin countries Switzerland
Length 158 km
Basin area 3425 km²

The Reuss is a river in Switzerland. With a length of 158 kilometres (98 mi) and a drainage basin of 3,425 square kilometres (1,322 sq mi), it is the fourth largest river in Switzerland (after the Rhine, Aare and Rhône). The highest point of the drainage basin is the summit of Dammastock, at 3,630 metres.

Rising in the Gotthard massif, the Reuss runs from the Urserental and continues through the Schöllenen Gorge and under the legendary Devil's Bridge (Teufelsbrücke) at St. Gotthard Pass.

It runs through Lake Lucerne (German Vierwaldstättersee) and the city of Lucerne, where a pioneering needle dam (just upstream from the Spreuerbrücke) maintains the water level.

It receives the Kleine Emme from Entlebuch at Emmen and Lorze from Lake Zug at Hünenberg. Near Bremgarten, the river is dammed, forming Flachsee.

The Reuss, the Aare, and the Limmat come together near Brugg at the "Watercastle of Switzerland". After the confluence the river continues as the Aar, which flows into the Rhine, which runs through Germany into the North Sea.


River Reuss passing Spreuerbridge in Lucerne
    • Seebrücke
    • Kapellbrücke, first built 1333, rebuilt 1993
    • Rathaussteg
    • Reussbrücke
    • Spreuerbrücke, built 1408
    • Geissmattbrücke
    • Sankt-Karli-Brücke
    • Ibachbrücke
  • Bremgarten
    • Reussbrücke, first built c. 1270, first mentioned 1281, wooden bridge rebuilt 1953-1957


The Reuss in the Urseren valley
The Reuss near Gurtnellen
The Reuss entering Lake Lucerne
Rathaus-Steg at Lucerne
Confluence with the Aar at the "Wasserschloss"

Places and municipalities at the Reuss river, from source to mouth (incomplete):


Reuss and its tributaries, with length and catchment area, from mouth to source (incomplete):

Reuss River - 158 km - 3,425 km² (at Gebenstorf into Aar)
Mülibach - 8 km² (at Mellingen)
Jonen - 46 km²
Lorze - 390 km² (at Reussspitz, Hünenberg)
Rigi-Aa - 18.6 km² (at Arth into Lake Zug)
Hüribach - 12.8 km² (into Ägerisee)
Sinserbach - 16 km² (at Sins)
Ron - 22.5 km² (at Gisikon)
Kleine Emme - 58 km - 477 km² (at Emmenbrücke)
Grosse Entlen - 16 km
Kleine Entlen
Wiss Emme
Lake Lucerne - 113.6 km²[1] - 2,238 km²[2] (at Lucerne, outflow Reuss River)
Würzenbach - 7.7 km - 39 km² (at Lucerne)
Sarner Aa/Dreiwässerkanal/Aa/Lauibach - 28 km - 267 km² (at Alpnachstad)
Grosse Schliere - 17 km - 28.8 km² (above Wichelsee)
Grosse Melchaa
Melbach - 18 km² (at Ennetmoos)
Engelberger Aa - 50 km - 230 km² (at Buochs)
Muota - 316 km² (at Brunnen)
Isitalerbach - 60 km² (near Isleten)
Altdorfer Dorfbach
Reuss River - 832 km² (at Flüelen/Seedorf into Lake Lucerne)
Schächen - 109 km² (at Attinghausen)
Alpbach - 32 km² (at Erstfeld)
Kärstelenbach - 116 km²
Meienreuss - 71 km²
Göschenenalpreuss - 92 km² (at Göschenen)
Unteralpreuss (at Andermatt)
Oberalpreuss (above Andermatt)
Headwaters at Hospental:
Furkareuss - 12 km


  1. ^ Lake's surface area
  2. ^ Catchment area at outflow including lake's surface area

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