Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

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Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.svg
Established 2006
Director David Levy
Location University of Oxford
Oxford, England
, UK

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is a UK-based research centre and think tank.

The Institute is the University of Oxford's research centre and think tank on issues affecting news media globally.

The Institute was founded in the Department of Politics and International Relations at University of Oxford in 2006 to conduct scholarly and professional research on news media, operate the Thomson Reuters Fellowship Programme, and host academic research fellows. The institute works to bridge daily working journalism and academic study and is a university research center of excellence. The institute regularly holds seminars and events and has an extensive publication program. Recent publications have included The Survival is Success: Journalistic Online Start-ups in Western Europe, Poles Apart: The International Reporting of Climate Scepticism, Is There a Better Structure for News Providers? The Potential in Charitable and Trust Ownership, Are Foreign Correspondents Redundant?, and The Changing Business of Journalism and Its Implications for Democracy.

The Thomson Reuters Fellowship will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2013[needs update] and is jointly based in The University of Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations and Green Templeton College. It has hosted 500 fellows from 90 countries. The fellowship is open to selected mid-career journalists from all over the world, who are funded to produce an academic paper on topics of their choice at Oxford.

The institute also hosts scholars working on funded research projects on issues of significance to the news industry. Its central interests included journalism practices, standards, accountability, media policy, and the business of news.

The institute receives core funding from the Thomson Reuters Foundation and additional funding from media companies, foundations, and science academies worldwide.

The institute's staff includes Dr David Levy, director; Prof. Robert G. Picard, Research Director, John Lloyd, Senior Research Fellow; and James Painter, Director of the Fellowship Programme.


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