Reuven Helman

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Reuven Helman
Reuven Helman.jpg
Born 1927
Tel Aviv, Palestine
Died July 11, 2013 (aged 86)
Nationality  Israel
Known for Maccabi Olympian
War Veteran
Weightlifting Champion
Track and Field Champion
Grenade Flinging
Religion Jewish
Children Noava, Aryela and Hedva[1]

Reuven Helman (1927 - July 11, 2013) was a former Maccabiah Olympian recognized as a weightlifting champion, distinguished athlete in Track and Field,[1] the Decathlon and for his career as an athletic instructor.[2] He competed in shot-put and javelin. Helman came in second in 1957 in the International Maccabiah Games in Tel Aviv, and had also competed in 1953.[1][3]

Personal life[edit]

Helman became an adherent of the Chabad Lubavitch Movement after visiting its spiritual head, Rabbi Menachem M. Schnerson.[1] He attributed his strength to kosher eating, clean living and exercise.[4]

Military Service[edit]

Helman fought in Israeli’s 1948 war of independence and was dubbed the “human cannon” for his ability to fling grenades over 75 meters when army supplies were short.[4] He also received a war medal for his service in World War II.[5]

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