Reva, Belgrade

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Map of Urban local communities of Belgrade in Palilula municipality

Reva (Serbian Cyrillic: Рева) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Palilula.


Reva is one of the sub-neighborhoods of Krnjača. It is located in the Banat section of the municipality of Palilula, stretching between the Blok Zaga Malivuk on the north (southern side of the road of Pančevački put which connects Belgrade to the town of Pančevo) and the bog of Reva on the south. It had the population of 2,808 in 2002.

Reva is primarily industrial and economic zone with numerous large hangars and storage facilities. It is also known for its nursery gardens.


Bog of Reva is located close to the left bank of the Danube in marshy and floodprone terrain. Part of it has been turned into a fish pond. It is elongated in the west-to-east direction, parallel to the flow of the Sebeš stream. With other marshy areas in Krnjača it is the major breeding ground for the mosquitoes which sometimes causes lots of annoyance for the population of Belgrade during summer.


Coordinates: 44°51′N 20°32′E / 44.850°N 20.533°E / 44.850; 20.533