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County of Ancient Estonia
9th century–1224
Location of Revala
Revala within the Ancient Estonia
Capital Lindanisa
Government Council of Elders
 •  Established 9th century
 •  Disestablished 1224

Revala[1] (also Rävälä, Latin: Revalia,[2] by Henry of Livonia Revele, by Danish Census Book Revælæ) was an Ancient Estonian county. It was located in the northern Estonia, by the Gulf of Finland and corresponded roughly to the present territory of Harju County. It was conquered by the Danish in 1219 during the Estonian Crusade. It also contained the town of Lindanise, nowadays known as Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.


  • Rebala
  • Ocrielæ
  • Vomentakæ (Võhmataga)

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Coordinates: 59°20′00″N 25°00′00″E / 59.3333°N 25.0000°E / 59.3333; 25.0000