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Revdanda is located in Maharashtra
Revdanda is located in India
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 18°33′N 72°56′E / 18.550°N 72.933°E / 18.550; 72.933Coordinates: 18°33′N 72°56′E / 18.550°N 72.933°E / 18.550; 72.933
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Raigadh
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest city Alibag

Revdanda is a village near Alibaug, India. It is 17 km away from Alibag and 125 km away from Mumbai.


Till a few years ago the coastal road that goes south from Alibag used to terminate at Revdanda where it encountered the Kundalika creek. A bridge now spans the creek and the whole stretch southward of Revdanda up to Murud-Janjira has now become accessible. Part of the town is situated within the premises of Revdanda fort, an old Portuguese fort.

If you drive through the town, the road enters through an old archway and then exits from another before getting to the bridge. If between these two archways you turn right and make a detour to the western portion of the fort, which reaches out into the sea, you have found a great vantage point. During high tide the waves crash onto the palm-fringed ramparts of the fort and you get a magnificent view of the creek to the south and the beach to the north. There is an entrance from the beach to the Revdanda fort.


Revdanda fort is also the location where St. Francis Xavier delivered one of his early sermons in India. The chapel still exists in a run down condition. The chapel is within the walled fort, on the south side and not far from the main road. There are many places to watch out in Revdanda. Revdanda is a historical place and relates closely to the era of Shivaji, though it's not one the famous places in history related to Shivaji.

Revdanda came into limelight when Russian historians found out that the first Russian traveller to India landed in Revdanda. A monument was raised in his memory on 23 November 2000. A foundation stone for the monument in memory of Afanasy Nikitin, the first Russian traveller to India was laid at Revdanda. A high level delegation from Russia, accompanied by Mr. V.T. Trubnikov, the first deputy of the minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, H.E. Mr. A.M. Kadakin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to India, all senior diplomats from the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai, attended the function. [1].

Revdanda is one of the most important places of Konkan, Maharashtra for the Indian Jewish community. Almost 700 years ago after the destruction of the Holy Temple of Israel in Biblical era, a group of Jews who already knew about India and had been in contact with India. This group of people arrived in Nagav which is 15 minutes from Revdanda. They adopted Indian culture, names, lifestyle and founded an Indian Jewish community.

The beauty of this place lies in the coconut and beetlenut plantations in this region. The plantations of coconut trees is called "naralachi baag" or "wadi" in Marathi language. The place is also famous for a species of aromatic flower called "Bakuli". It's a small flower with a wonderful fragrance. Apart from the plantations of coconut and beetlenut the livelihood of people in this region comes from the production of rice. The best time to visit Revdanda is December and during the Monsoon season.

Datta Mandir[edit]

Datta Mandir is located in the chaul part of Revdanda. It is the Mandir of Lord "Datta" which mainly the hindu people worship. The mandir is on top of the peak, the road leading to the mandir is of almost 1500 steep stairs. From this temple we can see entire region around revdanda. And it is believed that it was built in Raje Shivaji's reign to keep an eye on enemy. There is huge celebration for five days in a year, it starts on birthday of lord Datta and continues for 5 days. During this period students are given holiday.

Bet El Jewish Synagogue[edit]

Bet El Synagogue is located in the Chaul region, one village of Maharashtra India called Revdanda. From the early 1900s, it was built in the locale where the largest Jewish population lived. This synagogue is in the Konkani style which makes it different from many other synagogues around the world. It is surrounded by a grove of coconut trees. It has a special women's gallery on the top with a unique structure.Earlier the Jews in Alibag-Murud area were called "Shanivar Teli" for their coconut oil extraction business, which used to be closed on Saturday.

Shitala Devi Mandir[edit]

Shitala Devi mandir is another holy place in this village of temple. This is most famous place after lord "Datta" mandir. This temple was renovated a few years ago. People of the village believe that Goddess "Shitala" protects the village from all evils. Maharashtrians refer to goddess as "AAI" which means mother in Marathi. This temple was formerly looked after by Modgi Family in Recent years of ancient Shitaladevi Mandir and Late.Vedmurti Keshavbhatt Modgi(Modak) was former Poojari of this temple in between the years of 1889-1917 and it was their family land which was then given to temple as said by Kulvrutt and Kulachar of Modgi family. After then Modgi Family was shifted from Revdanda by giving the temple for daily operations to one of the Brahmin family from revdanda with the land across the temple. The son of Late.Vedmurti Keshavbhatt Modgi(Modak) was Shri.Shridharpant Keshavbhatt Modgi(Modak) was MA English from Deccan College, Pune. reside at Roha and he died in the year of 1967 and his next generations are living at Goregaon, Bhivandi, Thane, Indapur, and Pune.

Revdanda Beach[edit]

Revdanda Beach is a very isolated beach in this region. The sand is black in colour, which gives it a unique look. The beach is integral part of people in Revdanda, its one of the places where people come to relax after days heavy work. As Revdanda lies in coastal region fish curry and rice forms an important part of diet of the people of this region.