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Journey - Revelation.jpg
Studio album by Journey
Released June 3, 2008
Recorded at The Plant in Sausalito, California, 2008
Genre Hard rock, arena rock
Length 104:50
Label Nomota LLC (US)
Frontiers (Europe)
Universal (rest of Asia)
LOEN Entertainment (South Korea)
King (Japan)
Producer Kevin Shirley
Journey chronology
Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour
Video by Journey
Released June 3, 2008
Recorded Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 8, 2008
Genre Hard rock, arena rock
Length 63:00
Label Nomota LLC
Producer Kevin Shirley
Journey chronology
Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour
Live in Manila
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rolling Stone 3/5 stars[1]
Blogcritics (favorable)[2]
PiercingMetal 4/5 stars[3]

Revelation is the thirteenth studio album by American rock band Journey, and their first with lead singer Arnel Pineda.[4] It features 11 new songs ("Faith in the Heartland" was previously recorded with Steve Augeri), 11 re-recorded greatest hits (all featuring Pineda) and a DVD (North American version only) featuring the current lineup's March 8, 2008 concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Three singles penned by Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain were released to radio: the distinctively Journey-sounding "Never Walk Away," "Where Did I Lose Your Love," and the power ballads "After All These Years." and "Where Did I Lose Your Love" both found success on the adult contemporary charts. "Where Did I Lose Your Love" peaked at No. 19, while "After All These Years" peaked at No. 9 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart and stayed on the charts for over 23 weeks.

On May 14, 2008, reported that Journey and Frontiers Records agreed to add "an exclusive original bonus track, "Let It Take You Back", a mid-tempo rocker, to the European release to close the album.[5]

On its first week of release, Revelation sold over 105,000 copies, marking a 1,400% increase over the first week sales of the band's 2005 release Generations.[6] The album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Independent Albums chart, No. 2 on Billboard Rock Album chart, and No. 5 on the Billboard 200, where it remained for 42 weeks.[7] The album was not only a huge success in the United States, but also reached the charts in 9 different countries.

Revelation was nominated for Album of the Year in Classic Rock Magazine's annual poll.

On December 18, 2008, the album was certified platinum by the RIAA,[8] making it Journey's first such certification since their 1996 album Trial by Fire.[8] According to Nielsen Soundscan, Revelation has sold more than 800,000 copies in the U.S. as of November 2009.[6]


Revelation was recorded throughout early 2008 at The Plant in Sausalito, California by John Neff.

The album was released in the U.S. on June 3, 2008 by Nomota LLC (Schon's personal recording label) exclusively through Wal-Mart,[9] and in Europe on June 6, 2008 through Frontiers Records.[10] In addition, Wal-Mart also released a limited-edition ZVUE 1-gigabyte MP3 player pre-loaded with discs 1-2 of Revelation.[11]

The album was produced by Kevin Shirley, who also produced Trial by Fire and Arrival. It has a much more modern feel than Journey's previous work, however, featuring Schon's guitars having a different sound and set high in the mix. In songs such as "Don't Stop Believin'", which features two rhythm parts simultaneously, one will be sent to the left channel, and the other to the right to help simulate the feel of having two guitarists. Deen Castronovo's loud drum playing is also heard.[original research?]

Track listings[edit]

Disc 1
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Never Walk Away" Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Jeremey Hunsicker 4:19
2. "Like a Sunshower" Schon, Cain 4:29
3. "Change for the Better" Schon, Cain 5:52
4. "Wildest Dream" Schon, Cain 5:02
5. "Faith in the Heartland" (from Generations, 2005) Schon, Cain, Steve Augeri 6:18
6. "After All These Years" Schon, Cain 4:10
7. "Where Did I Lose Your Love" Schon, Cain 5:02
8. "What I Needed" Schon, Cain, Arnel Pineda 5:28
9. "What It Takes to Win" Cain, Schon 5:23
10. "Turn Down the World Tonight" Cain, Schon 4:56
11. "The Journey (Revelation)" (Instrumental) Schon 5:25
12. "Let It Take You Back" (bonus track on the European and Mexican releases) Cain, Schon 4:59
13. "The Place in Your Heart" (bonus track on the Japanese release, from Generations, 2005) Schon, Cain 4:45
Disc 2 (Re-recordings featuring Arnel Pineda)
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Only the Young" (original version from Vision Quest soundtrack, 1985) Cain, Schon, Steve Perry 4:14
2. "Don't Stop Believin'" (original version from Escape, 1981) Cain, Schon, Perry 4:55
3. "Wheel in the Sky" (original version from Infinity, 1978) Schon, Diane Valory, Robert Fleischman 5:01
4. "Faithfully" (original version from Frontiers, 1983) Cain 4:47
5. "Any Way You Want It" (original version from Departure, 1980) Schon, Perry 3:25
6. "Who's Crying Now" (original version from Escape, 1981) Cain, Perry 5:16
7. "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" (original version from Frontiers, 1983) Cain, Perry 5:27
8. "Lights" (original version from Infinity, 1978) Schon, Perry 3:16
9. "Open Arms" (original version from Escape, 1981) Cain, Perry 3:22
10. "Be Good to Yourself" (original version from Raised on Radio, 1986) Schon, Cain, Perry 4:29
11. "Stone in Love" (original version from Escape, 1981) Schon, Cain, Perry 4:27


  1. "Sky Light" (N. Schon)
  2. "Any Way You Want It"
  3. "Wheel in the Sky"
  4. "Lights"
  5. "After All These Years"
  6. "Never Walk Away"
  7. "Open Arms (Prelude)" (Cain)
  8. "Open Arms"
  9. "Mother, Father" (Matt Schon, N. Schon, Perry, Cain) (from Escape, 1981, Deen Castronovo on lead vocals)
  10. "Wildest Dream"
  11. "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"
  12. "Faithfully"
  13. "Don't Stop Believin'"
  14. "Be Good to Yourself"



Country Organization Year Sales
USA RIAA 2008 Platinum (+ 1,000,000)[8]


Band members
  • Kevin Shirley - producer, mixing
  • John Neff - engineer
  • Justin Pintar - mixing assistant
  • George Marino - mastering

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Catalog Format
USA[21] June 3, 2008 Nomota LLC 4506-2 2 CD + DVD
Europe[22] June 6, 2008 Frontiers Records FR CD 376 2 CD
Philippines July 10, 2008 Universal Music Group 060075310028[23]
South Korea[24] LOEN Entertainment SDP-0125
Japan[25] October 8, 2008 King Records International KICP-1321


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