Revelations (Audioslave song)

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Audioslave revelations.png
Single by Audioslave
from the album Revelations
Released 2007
Recorded 2006
Genre Hard rock, funk metal
Length 4:12
Label Epic
Writer(s) Lyrics: Chris Cornell
Music: Audioslave
Producer(s) Brendan O'Brien
Audioslave singles chronology
"Original Fire"

"Revelations" is the second (and, with the departure of Chris Cornell) final single by Audioslave from their third album Revelations. The song is believed to be about ignorance and its effects on people, its lyrics apparently being a sarcastic imitation of hero-worship.[citation needed]

Musically, the song begins with a unique, dreamy, slightly flanged arpeggio that is unusual for Tom Morello. After a repeat, the main riff of the song crashes in accompanied by drums and bass. Tom's solo once again invokes the toggle switch technique, with one handed tapping in the left hand that creates a hectic array of notes which seem to bounce off each other before entering the closing bridge of the solo, where the whammy pedal is put into full force.

It appears on the soundtrack for the video game Madden NFL 07.[1] In addition, "Revelations" along with "I Am the Highway" were featured in the documentary Warren Miller's Off the Grid.

This song is the tenth single from Audioslave to hit the top 10 U.S. Mainstream charts.

Music video[edit]

Much like the videos for "Like a Stone" and "Be Yourself", the "Revelations" video is simply the band playing the song with no added dramatics. The music video begins with various band members playing their instrument in front of a camera shoot. When the vocals begin, a split-screen of Chris Cornell and other band members begins. As each guitar riff or drum part kicks in, the player of that instrument gets their few seconds in front of the camera. During Tom Morello's guitar solo, the camera largely goes between him and drummer Brad Wilk, but still with a few shots of Cornell & bassist Tim Commerford. The video also clearly shows Tom Morello playing a Gibson Les Paul that formerly had a Budweiser logo on it. Morello promptly burned the logo off in refusal for his guitar to be used as an object for advertising. During Cornell's vocal solo after Morello's guitar solo, the camera's tint turns to a blue color. The video ends with the microphone Cornell was using hanging from the ceiling on its own.


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