Revenge (1971 film)

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"Revenge" (1971).jpg
British theatrical poster
Directed by Sidney Hayers
Produced by George H. Brown
Written by John Kruse
Starring Joan Collins
James Booth
Music by Eric Rogers
Cinematography Ken Hodges
Edited by Anthony Palk
George H. Brown Productions
Distributed by J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors (UK)
Release date
1971 (UK)
Running time
89 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Revenge! is a 1971 British thriller film directed by Sidney Hayers and starring Joan Collins, James Booth and Sinéad Cusack.[1] The screenplay concerns a family who seek brutal revenge on the man who they suspect attacked their daughter.

In May 1976 this was released in the United States under the title Inn of the Frightened People.[2] When it was released in the United States on video, it was retitled Terror From Under the House.[3] That version is available as a region-free DVD. The region 1 DVD is titled Revenge!


Critical reception[edit]

David McGillivray wrote in the Radio Times, "what begins as a serious examination of a growing social problem becomes increasingly melodramatic, ending in a blaze of hysterical shrieking and stabbing. Quite unconvincing, enjoyable for all the wrong reasons" ;[4] while the Joan Collins Archive described it as "an entertaining slice of 70s sensationalism."[5]


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