Revenge of the King

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Revenge of the King
EP by Kula Shaker
Released 31 March 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Rock, psychedelic rock
Producer Sean Geonoki, Shep & Dodge
Kula Shaker chronology
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(2002)Kollected - The Best of2002
Revenge of the King
Freedom Lovin' People EP
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Revenge of the King is an EP by Kula Shaker, released on 31 March 2006, the first Kula Shaker release since the band reformed. It was originally only available as a download from iTunes; later it was released as a limited edition 10" vinyl EP, sold only at concerts and through the band's website. It was subsequently released in Japan on CD with an additional bonus track and the alternate title, Garage EP.

The song "Diktator of the Free World" was re-recorded for the band's third album, Strangefolk, and renamed "Great Dictator (of the Free World)". The song's lyrics were also changed significantly for its appearance on Strangefolk. "6 ft. Down" was also re-recorded for Kula Shaker's third album and was renamed "6ft Down Blues".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Revenge of the King"
  2. "Diktator of the Free World"
  3. "Troubadour"
  4. "6 ft. Down"
  5. "Govinda" [Live] *

* Govinda was only included in the Japanese release.

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