Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation

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Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation
Revenge Of The Nerds 3.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Written by Tim Metcalfe
Miguel Tejada-Flores
Steve Zacharias
Jeff Buhai
Directed by Roland Mesa
Starring Robert Carradine
Curtis Armstrong
Ted McGinley
Julia Montgomery
Morton Downey Jr.
Music by Garry Schyman
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Robert Engelman
Steve Zacharias
Cinematography Zoran Hochstätter
Running time 100 minutes
Production company(s) Zacharias/Buhai Productions
20th Television
FNM Films
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Budget $2 million
Original release July 13, 1992
Preceded by Nerds in Paradise
Followed by Nerds in Love

Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation is a 1992 sequel to the 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds.


In the beginning of the movie a new generation of nerds rule the Adams College campus, upholding the traditions of nerds from the first film. The Alpha Betas are now respectful of the nerds' prominence and even wish they could get more nerds to join their frat. However, this changes when Orrin Price (Morton Downey, Jr.), becomes a member of the Adams College Board of Regents and a new generation of jocks come to campus, including Orrin's obnoxious son and a brain-dead jock named Bobo. Stan Gable is now a pathetic motorcycle police officer whom Orrin Price implausibly installs as the new Dean of Students. Gable and Price rally the ABs to cause trouble for the nerds, whose group now includes an obese English inductee (who is depicted wearing a kilt) and a Korean Elvis impersonator (who notes that he is South Korean, when asked about his accent). Early anti-nerd actions include the vandalizing of the Computer Science Center and a raid that ruins the Tri-Lamb new membership party.

Lewis, who lives near the Adams College campus and chairs Adams' Computer Science Department, shows that he is distancing himself from his nerd past by growing a ponytail and asking people to call him "Lou" rather than Lewis. His nephew Harold, who is now a student at Adams, is surprised at Lewis' behavior, saying in his college day he was the "George Washington of nerds". Betty, who is now married to Lewis and is also a professor at Adams College (teaching in the Art Department), tries to remind him she fell in love with him because he had the courage to be himself, but Lewis is more interested in becoming friends with new Dean Gable (and not noticing that Gable hopes to break up the Skolnicks and win Betty back for himself). When Stan and the Alpha Betas launch a reign of terror against the nerds, Lewis is forced to examine his "self-hating nerd" status, while Stan faces his own stirrings of conscience over the vile actions of Orrin Price and has to decide what he will and will not stand for.

The film reaches its climax when Lewis, finally unable to ignore Orrin Price's reign of terror over Adams College, decides to take action. Orrin Price has framed the Tri-Lambs by planting marijuana in their house. Lewis reaches out to Stan to help defend the Tri-Lams, but Stan says he will not help. Lewis angrily tells Stan that he was forgiving of their rocky past and defended Stan as a friend when others were telling Lewis he should ditch Stan. Stan then says that he is not friends with Lewis, and that Lewis will be a nerd for life no matter what his behavior. This betrayal spurs Lewis to once again embrace his nerd self. Lewis arranges for bail for the arrested Tri-Lambs, putting his house up as collateral. He then calls upon all the nerds and those sympathetic to their cause on campus and in the city to participate in a massive nerd strike, meaning to take it easy and stop working. Many of the city's basic utilities and services are crippled. In order to end the strike, Price decides to frame Lewis for embezzling college funds, a tactic Stan is uncomfortable with. Lewis is arrested and the strikers return to work. Betty confronts Stan to tell the truth and get Lewis released. Stan suggests he would do it if she were to offer herself, when Betty asks if that is what he really wants, Stan looks deeply ashamed as he says he does not want that—he still has a little bit of pride left. At trial, things do not look good for Lewis until most of his old Tri-Lamb friends return to support him (despite Lewis believing they would never forgive him for turning his back on his life as a nerd.) Stan, realizing that his miserable life stems from his refusal to admit his own mistakes (and an earlier remark from Lewis that Stan thinks it is easy to always see himself as the victim), has a change of heart and testifies against Price, admitting that he has proof that Orrin Price planted the marijuana plants in the Tri-Lamb house. Stan also states that he is a nerd; that he always wanted to read books but his family discouraged it. Price is arrested and the charges against Lewis are dismissed. Tri-Lambs are cleared of all charges and the Alpha Betas are defeated by the nerds again and lose their charter for good. Stan feels it ought to be best to resign as dean of student because he feels he cannot cut it, but Lewis argues he should stay on. The nerds accept Stan as one of their own, guaranteeing nerd freedom in Adams College.


This film features a new generation of nerds in the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity, and also marks the return of several other characters from the first two films, such as:


Most of the cast from the original Revenge of the Nerds film reprised their roles, However five of the other cast members did not. Anthony Edwards was unable to reprise his role of Gilbert Lowe, Lewis's best friend, because he was busy shooting a new medical TV series ER, which aired in 1994. Gilbert appears in the film, played by Mike Greenwood. Sean Whalen plays the role of Wormser, replacing Andrew Cassese. Alan Wittert takes the role of Dean Ulich, replacing David Wohl. The character of Poindexter was written out of the series due to actor Timothy Busfield not participating in this film.

Home media[edit]

The film was released on DVD both as part of the Atomic Wedgie Collection and separately.


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