Revenue Tower

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Revenue Tower
HK RevenueTower.JPG
General information
Status Complete
Type Office
Location No. 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai North, Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°16′47″N 114°10′19″E / 22.27972°N 114.17194°E / 22.27972; 114.17194Coordinates: 22°16′47″N 114°10′19″E / 22.27972°N 114.17194°E / 22.27972; 114.17194
Completed 1990
Opening 1990
Owner Government of Hong Kong
Roof 181 m (594 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 49
Design and construction
Architect Architectural Services Department

The Revenue Tower is a skyscraper located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The tower rises 49 floors and 181 metres (594 ft) in height.[2] The building was completed in 1990.[1] The Revenue Tower, which stands as the 93rd-tallest building in Hong Kong, is composed entirely of office space.[1] The building, along with its twin tower, the Immigration Tower, house government offices.[1] The building is unique in that it houses a sky lobby on the 38th floor; this is designed to ease vertical transportation in the tower.[2]


The building was originally called Wanchai Tower III. The Inland Revenue Department relocated to the tower in December 1991 from their premises at Windsor House in Causeway Bay.[3] In 1989, the opening of the Revenue Tower was projected to save the government $120 million annually in office space rental costs.[4]


Financial Secretary John Tsang announced in 2008 that the government would study the feasibility of relocating the departments housed within the Immigration Tower, Revenue Tower, and Wanchai Tower to Kai Tak and Tseung Kwan O New Town in order to open up the valuable Gloucester Road lands for private redevelopment.[5] Surveyors estimated then that the site could fetch up to $20 billion if the site were auctioned by the government.[6] The plan has garnered some criticism for moving government services to locations seen as less convenient.[5] An area of Tseung Kwan O on Po Yap Road, named Area 67, is already zoned to house government offices.[6]

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