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The first revenue stamp of Colombia.
A large block of the triangular Habilitacion 1p stamps of 1893-94.
A 1916 revenue stamp of Colombia for sales tax (Impuesto de Consumo).

The first revenue stamp of Colombia was issued on 1 September 1858,[1] one year before the first Colombian postage stamp.

Granadine Confederation[edit]

The first Colombian revenue stamp was a black 20 centavos value for the Granadine Confederation.[2][3]

United States of New Granada[edit]

In 1861 a 20c stamp was issued inscribed Estados Unidos de Nueva Granada, or the United States of New Granada.[4]

United States of Colombia[edit]

Later in 1861 the United States of New Granada became the United States of Colombia and stamps were issued marked Estados Unidos de Colombia from 1864.[5]

Republic of Colombia[edit]

The Republic of Colombia was created in 1886 and revenue stamps marked Republica de Colombia were issued from 1887.[6]

Colombian states[edit]

The constituent states of Colombia also issued their own revenue stamps.

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