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Ireland's first dog licence stamp, that was issued in 1893.

Ireland has issued many revenue stamps, both before and after independence.

Stamps issued[edit]

Block of four 1922 6d Contract Note stamps overprinted Saorstát Éireann

The following is a list of revenue stamps issued in Ireland.

  • Circuit Court
  • Consular Service
  • Contract Note
  • Customs Entry Duty
  • District Court of Justice
  • Excise Revenue
  • Foreign Bill
  • High Court
  • Land Commission
  • Land Registry
  • Livestock Export
  • National Health Insurance & Pensions
  • Old Age Pension
  • Passport Service
  • Public Records
  • Registration of Deeds
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Wet Time (Unemployment Insurance)

Part of the United Kingdom[edit]

Before independence, Irish revenue stamps were usually British keytypes inscribed 'Ireland' for use in all thirty two counties. In addition, there were some unique designs for specific taxes.

For a brief period in 1921 and 1922, various stamps inscribed 'Southern Ireland' were also used.[1]


A 1925 Passport stamp.

In 1922, many British and pre-independence Irish revenues were overprinted in with the same overprints used on postage stamps, either for the Provisional Government of Ireland or later the Irish Free State. Ireland's rarest revenues is one of these, a dog licence stamp with the independence overprint of which only a single copy has survived.[2] From 1925, Ireland mainly used keytypes with a harp instead of the monarch's portrait. However some taxes still had their own stamps.[2]

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