Ulmus 'Revera'

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Ulmus hybrid
Hybrid parentage 'Regal' × (U. rubra × (U. pumila × U. davidiana var. japonica))
Cultivar 'Revera'
Origin USA

Ulmus 'Revera' is an American hybrid cultivar raised by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) as selection '1193-3', derived from a crossing of 'Regal' (female parent) with a crossing of Ulmus rubra and the hybrid Ulmus pumila × Ulmus davidiana var. japonica.[1]


Not available.

Pests and diseases[edit]

'Revera' has a resistance to Dutch elm disease.


The tree was registered in 1993 as 'Revera' by Conrad Appel KG, of Darmstadt, Germany, but has yet to be commercially released in either the USA or Europe.


Not known.


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