Reverb and The Verse

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Reverb and The Verse
Members of Reverb and The Verse From left: D-Trust, Providence "The Verse", Shane Etter "Reverb" (on drums), Tisha Luna, David Blalock
Background information
Origin Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Genres Broke Funk
Hip Hop
Occupation(s) Musicians
Years active 1999 – present
Members Providence "The Verse"
Shane Etter (Reverb)
Tisha Luna
David Blalock

Reverb and The Verse (also Reverb & The Verse) is a musical group out of Denver, Colo. Formed in 1999 Reverb & The Verse consists of American lyricist/MC/rapper - Providence "The Verse" and American producer and vocalist - Shane Etter (Reverb). The music has been self-described as 'song-based-electronic-hip-hop music' or "Broke Funk."


Providence "The Verse" and Shane met in 1999 in Louisville, Colo. just outside of Boulder. "The Verse" was a few years removed from the group The Exodusters (then as the Golden Renaissance Brother "Q" D) and Shane was looking for additional projects outside of the group e-lab.


  • Providence "The Verse" Lione (born Don Craighead, 1972, legally changed to Jahi Sauk Simbai, 1994) - He has a diverse style of lyric writing subtly focused on upliftment and empowerment. He began rapping in college at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1990 with the group The Exodusters formed with Farai Malianga and Diogenes Marcanno. In 2005 he released a solo project entitlted The Domino Theory[1] produced by the Dojo. The Dojo
  • Shane Etter (born 1972) - He produced the entirety of Retake The Art, D.E.P.T.H. C.H.A.R.G.E.S., Revenge I+II, and all but one song each on both Ravenous and Versatile. He has a wide-ranging style of music production and has been the producer for e-lab releasing Sexy Robots[2] in 1999, Bomb Congress and boyfriendgirlfriend. boyfriendgirlfriend on myspace


  • Tisha Luna featured on Walk, Even Deeper, Turn Out The Lights, Onward on the D.E.P.T.H. C.H.A.R.G.E.S. album | Glass, Color Outside the Lines, How Far You?, Heartstrings on the Revenge I and II album
  • David Blalock featured on Furious on the D.E.P.T.H. C.H.A.R.G.E.S. album | Hallelujah, Shoot Em Down (Drive) on the Revenge I and II album
  • Demetrius Parker (D-Trust) featured on Rush, Tasteless, Catching Images, Treasure, Working On My Diction on the Revenge I and II album
  • Anjanette (Anjanette Brandon-Taylor) featured on Are You Thinking About Me on the Retake The Art album
  • Broni (Bronwyn Schaeffer) featured on Dustpan Words to Dustpan Dreams on the Ravenous album
  • Amanda Ray (Amanda Gustafson) featured on the Ravenous album including Ravenous, Sir Daddy, Chaw, No Fantasy (co-produced by Coco Devon), We Don't Know and Retake The Art (Ocean Remix) and on the Versatile album on Pair of Kings
  • Coco Devon (Collette Williams) co-producer on No Fantasy on the Ravenous album
  • Analog Suspect (Marissa Knight) MC from The Dojo featured on Greater Than Us on the Versatile album
  • Flutter (Christine Ingaldson) featured on Intricate on the Versatile album
  • Miss So & So (Sarah Laughlin) featured on Music is a Black Hole, Extrovert, and Grand Parade on the D.E.P.T.H. C.H.A.R.G.E.S. album
  • MC Trinity (Christopher Abad) featured on Dirty Handz (not released)

Live Shows[edit]

The live, on-stage show includes "Reverb" as DJ and vocalist, Providence "The Verse" as lead MC, and guest singers and vocalists including Tisha Luna, David Blalock (formerly with Social Fuse), D-Trust, Sarah Laughlin (Miss So & So), Analog Suspect from the Dojo, and Amanda Ray. Reverb & The Verse have played the Westword Music Showcase,[3] The UMS,[4] the Gothic Theatre, The Hi-Dive,[5] the Walnut Room, Larimer Lounge, Summit Music Hall, Cervantes 'The Other Side', the D Note, and the Mercury Café, among other venues in the Denver/Metro area. Reverb & The Verse have opened for The Knux and K.Flay.


  • Revenge I and Revenge II (2014)
  • D.E.P.T.H. C.H.A.R.G.E.S. (2011)[6]
  • Versatile (2008)[7]
  • Ravenous (2003)
  • Retake The Art (2001)


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