Reverb on the Click

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Reverb On The Click
Studio album by Rudy + Blitz
Released 2000
Recorded ?
Genre Alternative rock
Label Ruffhouse
Rudy + Blitz chronology
Thanksanyway Vinyl (1995) Reverb On The Click

Reverb on the Click is Rudy + Blitz's debut album, printed by Chad Ginsburg in the year 2000. There were an estimated of 500 released.

The re-printed version of Reverb on the Click was made by Ginsburg and released in 2003. There was a limited number of copies and they are now all sold out.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Turtle Frown"
  2. "Refried Beans"
  3. "Thanks Anyway"
  4. "Type of Thing"
  5. "Cut the Grass"
  6. "PFD"
  7. "Just About Done"
  8. "Used it All Up"
  9. "She's So Brown"
  10. "Carmel My Dog"
  11. "Teach"
  12. "Poor Fly"
  13. "Thanks Anyway (7" version)" (bonus track)
  14. "Humbahdigiduh (7" version)" (bonus track)