Reverend Bizarre

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Reverend Bizarre
Reverend Bizarre.jpg
Reverend Bizarre in 2005
Background information
Origin Lohja, Finland
Genres Doom metal
Years active 1995–2007
Labels Spinefarm
Associated acts The Puritan, Lord Vicar, Orne, Spiritus Mortis
Past members Albert Witchfinder
Peter Vicar
Earl of Void

Reverend Bizarre was a doom metal band from Finland. They played slow and heavy traditional doom with dramatic vocals, following in the footsteps of bands such as Saint Vitus, Pentagram and Black Sabbath. The band was one of the biggest names in the fourth wave of traditional doom metal.

According to Albert Witchfinder, the band had planned three more full-length albums, after their second album – titled Songs from the Funereal World, Heavier Than Life and How It Was Meant to Be – but this plan was later scrapped and the band made only one more LP, disbanding Reverend Bizarre "before it started to suck." The album, III So Long Suckers, was recorded in the first half of 2007, and released in August of that year. The band's last concerts were played during the autumn and winter of 2006 culminating in a final performance in Turku.

Two of the band's EPs, Harbinger of Metal and Return to the Rectory, actually exceed sixty minutes in length.

Since their disbanding, Albert Witchfinder had a new band called The Puritan, as well as a solo project called Opium Warlords, and Peter Vicar founded a new band called Lord Vicar. Both of them released (alongside original material) songs originally meant for Reverend Bizarre and that were to appear on future two albums which were never released. Furthermore, all three members of Reverend Bizarre continue doing music together in Orne (originally known as Mesmer), Vicar's old school progressive rock band in which Void plays the drums. Albert Witchfinder has appeared on vocals on both Orne full-lengths, the 2006 debut "The Conjuration by the Fire" and the 2011 second album "The Tree of Life".


Previous members


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions
2002 In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
  • Released: November 24, 2002
  • Label: Sinister Figure
2005 II: Crush the Insects 36
2007 III: So Long Suckers
  • Released: August 8, 2007
  • Label: Spinefarm
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.

EPs and singles[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions
2003 Harbinger of Metal
  • Released: 2003
  • Label: Spinefarm
2004 Return to the Rectory
  • Released: 2004
  • Label: Spinefarm
2005 Slave of Satan
  • Released: April 20, 2005
  • Label: Spinefarm
2006 Thulsa Doom
2007 Teutonic Witch
  • Released: May 30, 2007
  • Label: Spinefarm
2008 Dark World/Deceiver
  • Released: August 14, 2008
  • Label: Primitive Reaction
The Goddess of Doom
  • Released: November 24, 2008
  • Label: What
2009 Magick with Tears
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Tyrannus
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.


Year Album details Peak chart positions
2003 7" split with Ritual Steel
  • Released: August 20, 2003
  • Label: Metal Coven
2004 12" split with Orodruin
  • Released: February 11, 2004
  • Label: Hellride Music
7" split with Minotauri
  • Released: April 6, 2004
  • Label: Metal Coven
2006 7" split with Mannhai
  • Released: November 7, 2006
  • Label: The Church Within
2008 7"/CD split with Kuolema
  • Released: July 15, 2008
  • Label: The Church Within
12" split with Rättö ja Lehtisalo
  • Released: July 30, 2008
  • Label: Ektro
12" split with Electric Wizard 8
12" split with Mr Velcro Fastener
  • Released: November 5, 2008
  • Label: Solina
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.


  • Practice Sessions (unpublished rehearsal tape, 1995)
  • Slice of Doom (1999)
  • You Shall Suffer! (extremely limited CDr, 2003)


Year Album details Peak chart positions
2004 Slice of Doom 1999–2002
  • Released: 2004
  • Label: Spinefarm
2009 Death is Glory...Now
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Spinefarm
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.


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