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Reverie may refer to:



Film and TV[edit]


  • an instrumental composition of a diffuse and dreamy character
    • Rêverie, an 1847 work for violin and piano (part of Op. 22) by Vieuxtemps
    • Rêverie (Дума), an 1865 piano work by Mussorgsky
    • Rêverie by Giovanni Bottesini, c. 1870
    • Douce rêverie (Сладкая греза), an 1878 piano piece (Op. 39, No. 21) by Tchaikovsky
    • Rêverie, a piano piece by Debussy, c. 1895
    • Rêverie (Мечты) in E Minor, Op. 24, an 1898 orchestral work by Scriabin
    • Rêverie, Op. 49/3, a 1905 piece for piano by Scriabin
    • Reverie on El cant dels ocells, a 1939 cello piece by Pablo Casals after a folk song
    • Reverie, a piano piece by Billy Joel
  • a song of a dreamy nature
    • Rêveries napolitaines, an 1839 song cycle by Donizetti
    • Dumka (Reverie), an 1840 song by Chopin
    • Rêverie, an art song by Reynaldo Hahn, c. 1870