Reverse Runner

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Reverse Runner
Reverse Runner Movie Poster V2.jpg
Official Poster
Directed byLachlan Ryan
Jarrod Theodore
Produced byJarrod Theodore
Lachlan Ryan
Screenplay byLachlan Ryan
Jarrod Theodore
Story byDan Cannon
Jarrod Theodore
Lachlan Ryan
StarringDan Cannon
Dave Callan
Steve Moneghetti
Rosco Brauer
Bianca Linton
Julian Shaw
Bruce McAvaney
Rhys Mitchell
Justin Kennedy
Music byThomas E Rouch
Theory Pictures
Distributed byTheory Pictures
Pinnacle Films
Release date
  • 11 October 2012 (2012-10-11)
Running time
86 minutes

Reverse Runner (sometimes stylized as Яeverse Яunner) is an Australian comedy film written and directed by Lachlan Ryan and Jarrod Theodore, executive produced by Stephen Herek. It stars Dan Cannon, Dave Callan, Steve Moneghetti,[1] Rosco Brauer and a special appearance from Olympic commentator Bruce McAvaney. It tells the story of teenager Kid Campbell, who dreams of becoming a reverse runner despite being mocked, ridiculed and kicked out of home for refusing to get an ordinary job. In the end he is left to question his childhood dream.

It had a limited theatrical release on 11 October 2012 playing in cinemas until April 2013. It was released on DVD, Blu-ray & VOD in Australia on 18 September 2013 and 30 October 2013 in New Zealand.[2]


  • Dan Cannon as Kid Campbell
  • Dave Callan as a Commentator
  • Steve Moneghetti as John Jones
  • Rosco Brauer as Coach Leroy
  • Bianca Linton as Hannah
  • Julian Shaw as Steven James
  • Bruce McAvaney as a Commentator
  • Rhys Mitchell as a Commentator
  • Justin Kennedy as Suicidal Starter
  • Stephen Lopez as Head Helper
  • Helen Bongers as Mum
  • Daryl Cannon as Gary
  • Casey Asplin as Young Kid Campbell


Principal photography on Reverse Runner involved approximately 300 people throughout the duration of the shoot. The majority of the film was shot in the country town of Colac in Victoria. Other locations include the John Landy Athletic Field Geelong, Melbourne Park and the world-renowned landscapes at Lavers Hill along the Great Ocean road.[3]


Thomas E Rouch composed the orchestral score for the film. Rouch collaborated with singers James Cupples, Nicholas Roy and Sid O'Neil re-recording some of Australia's classic rock songs including, Run to Paradise by The Choirboys and Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy) by Billy Thorpe. Rouch and Cupples also re-recorded Walk Right In by Dr Hook.

Sid O'Neil, lead singer from the Vasco Era recorded vocals for an original track titled "Backwards As They Come" which appears in the film.[4] Tinpan Orange duo Emily and Jesse recorded vocals for an original music track titled "Fallen Dreams" produced by Thomas E Rouch.[5]


Australian musical icon Mike Brady, who wrote football anthems Up There Cazaly and One Day in September, recorded a voiceover for Reverse Runner’s trailer.[6]


On 11 October 2012 Reverse Runner was released theatrically at Colac Cinemas, it holds the record for the highest-grossing film at Colac Cinemas in 2012, the film is also in the records due to being the third highest-grossing film of all time at Colac Cinemas.[7] Reverse Runner also screened at Village Cinemas Geelong, Ballarat's Regent Cinema, Warrnambool, Hamilton, Horsham, Ararat & Echuca Cinemas in 2013.[8][9]


Simon Foster of SBS awarded the film three and a half stars out of five, "Given that the past 12 months of Australian big-screen comedy has been arguably its direst ever, the amiably silly low-budgeter Reverse Runner comes as somewhat of a revelation. The debut work of writer/directors Jarrod Theodore and Lachlan Ryan and their production outfit Theory Pictures suggests that there may be a silver lining on the dark cloud that is Screen Australia’s policy on indie feature comedy funding."[10]


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