Revesby railway station

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Airport & East Hills Line
Station code RSY
Suburb Revesby
Street(s) Blamey Street
Distance from Central Station 20.96 km
Altitude (above sea level) 4 m
Types of stopping trains Suburban all stops
Suburban limited stops
Number of platforms 4
Number of tracks 4
Platform arrangement 2 island
Type of station Ground
Ticket barriers No
Transfers available Bus
Disabled access Handicapped/disabled access Yes
Station facilities Link

Revesby railway station is the main intermediate terminus on the Airport Line of the Sydney Trains network. It services the Sydney suburb of Revesby. Revesby has an island platform and a side platform. It is serviced by both all-stations and faster limited-stop trains. An additional island platform and new footbridge were built as part of the Rail Clearways upgrade, which allows Easy Access for wheelchairs via lifts.


Revesby railway station opened with the rest of the East Hills railway line in December 1931.[1] The original configuration was an island platform served by a single track. The line was electrified in 1939. In 1956 a crossing loop was opened. It was not until 1987 that the line was fully duplicated through Revesby, in association with the construction of the extension from East Hills to the Main South Line at Glenfield.

Revesby station in 2009. The first platform (3) provided by the upgrade has been completed. Construction has yet to begin on the second platform. The black fence to the right marks the boundary for the future Platform 4.

Construction of a second island platform commenced in 2006 as part of the CityRail Clearways Project. One of these platforms opened in 2008, providing through services to the west. The existing platform 2 became a centre turnback with only a few services initially using the facility.[2] In October 2009 the timetable changed, and Revesby replaced East Hills as the major intermediate terminus.

Platforms and services[edit]

As of the new Sydney Trains timetables on Sunday the 20th of October 2013: on weekdays the station is served by six trains per hour in each direction for most of the day, with additional trains provided during peak hours; and on weekends the station is served by four trains per hour in each direction for most of the day.

Platform Line Stopping pattern Notes
Limited stops services to Central and the City Circle via the Airport or Sydenham
Terminating services
All stations services to Central and the City Circle via the Airport or Sydenham
Turnback platform
Occasional trains to Macarthur. Trains to Macarthur also pass through this platform
All stations to Campbelltown. XPT, Xplorer and Southern Highlands line trains pass through occasionally.

Transport links[edit]

Transdev NSW runs four routes via Revesby railway station:

NightRide runs one route via Revesby railway station:

Track Plan[edit]

Track arrangement at Revesby


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Notes and references[edit]

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