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Type of site
Product reviews
EditorDavid Kender

Reviewed is a consumer product review website owned by Gannett and part of the USA Today Network. The site is based in Cambridge, MA and emphasizes a science-based approach that tests consumer products in both everyday and lab environments.[1][2]

Testing Labs[edit]

Reviewed has a lab set up in its Cambridge headquarters where reporters and scientists on staff can test the latest appliances, televisions, headphones, and other products against standard benchmarks to judge overall quality.[3] The chief scientist designs rigorous tests for products like dishwashers and water purifiers that, in some cases, can takes months to complete.[4] The site focuses on single-product and roundup reviews of products, typically with two products named as Editors’ Choice recommendations.[5] Revenue is made through blend of affiliate commissions and advertising.[2]


Reviewed was originally a network of sites founded by Robin Liss including,, and[6][7] Gannett acquired the network in 2011.[8] As of 2019, Reviewed is part of USA TODAY Network’s Content Ventures group.[9]

David Kender is the current Editor in Chief.[10]


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