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A television revival is an attempt to revive a defunct series by producing new episodes created for broadcast.[1] Network executives may decide to attempt to revive a television program when they feel that a market once again exists for it.

Revival is one of several programming strategies television networks employ to capitalize further on successful programs; among the other methods are spin-offs, cast reunions, and television movies based on the original program.

Unlike spin-offs—in which a television network creates a new program around one or more familiar, popular characters from a different program—a revival involves the reintroduction of most, or at least many of the original program's storyline, characters and locales. Revivals should also be differentiated from remakes and continuity reboots where the characters and/or central concepts are retained, but the story starts over from the beginning again. Revivals differ in that they pick up either from where the older series left off, or at some time after that point.

An example of a successful revival outside of the United States is the 2005 British science fiction series Doctor Who.[2][3][4]

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